Why did I pick NOW to become a blogger?

A few days ago I was given a diagnosis that rocked my world. I'm a 10-year old Corgi living in Portland, Oregon. I am reasonably healthy, except for that abdominal surgery I had last summer. Ok - I don't know WHY I ate that piece of wire but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

In the middle of March, I was told by the folks at the Veterinary Cancer Referral Service that I have K9 lymphoma. I was gobsmacked! My mom immediately tried to find out everything she could and, while there were many sad stories, there really wasn't much else to go on. There are "support groups" but my mom's not much of a joiner when it comes to those things.

What we decided to do was chronicle this journey so that others can follow along. Those who have their own dogs fighting cancer - lymphoma and other forms. Those lucky enough to have a Corgi. Those just SO abysmally bored they have no better way to waste their time.

So we'll see how this works. Be well - The Barney Dog

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Update 2011

  Just checking in briefly to wish Happy Holidays to everyone out in bloggerdom. Again - I am the WORST blogger. I have no sense of commitment, no discipline which is very unusual for a Corgi. I'd rather chew on a sock or lick my front paws or hang out by the stove waiting for something to drop. And lately there have been some rather interesting morsels. I've been told this is the WORST time of the year for we of the canine variety. 

  Poinsettias while lovely, can kill us. Chocolate, of course, but you knew that and macadamia nuts, which happen to be my sister, Douggie's, favorite. Fortunately, Douggie is very good at finishing off ANY of the nut itself but the shells are everywhere. I would imagine that macadamia nuts covered in chocolate would be doubly off limits. 

  Mushrooms. Garlic. Onions... You name it. And for me, raw beef bones can be troublesome due to what the chemo might have done to my gastrointestinal system. So it's better to just stay with the proven commodity - prime rib. Medium rare works.  But when in  doubt, leave it out because the list of things that can hurt us is long and diverse.

  I promise to post a year end wrap-up but I'm waiting for whatever it is on the oven to come out. It's been smelling up the house all day. There might be something we can nibble on. Ya never know. 

  In the mean time, my mom has written her annual ditty. Her year end update. Enjoy and I'll post my own by the end of the week.

Twas the night before Christmas. It's been quite a year.
With challenges, issues. With hope and with fear.

The power of nature, at times so sublime,
Reared its ugly head and wreaked havoc big time.

And thousands of people? They just disappeared.
A nuclear meltdown? It's what they had feared.

My Japanese family was all safe and sound
So I looked down at Barney when I came around.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear?
But this lump on his neck. This ominous sphere.

Oh yes. It was cancer. Lymphoma they said.
I thought chemo would kill him. He just smiled instead.

But I overreacted. I thought he'd be gone.
So what's one more dog! We don't need a lawn.

Now it's Yuki and Barney, Tomodachi and Fred.
Not one of us sleeps when they're all on the bed.

And Mark played commuter to Oakland and back.
He gave up on that. His golf game's back on track.

Mark wanted a road trip. "To Key West!" he cried!
From one key to another, we took it in stride.

So I guess we'll stay put. Just hang out for a while.
We'll stay here in Portland. We'll kick it old style.

May you and your loved ones stay safe and be well
As we all bid this year a quick, hasty farewell!