Why did I pick NOW to become a blogger?

A few days ago I was given a diagnosis that rocked my world. I'm a 10-year old Corgi living in Portland, Oregon. I am reasonably healthy, except for that abdominal surgery I had last summer. Ok - I don't know WHY I ate that piece of wire but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

In the middle of March, I was told by the folks at the Veterinary Cancer Referral Service that I have K9 lymphoma. I was gobsmacked! My mom immediately tried to find out everything she could and, while there were many sad stories, there really wasn't much else to go on. There are "support groups" but my mom's not much of a joiner when it comes to those things.

What we decided to do was chronicle this journey so that others can follow along. Those who have their own dogs fighting cancer - lymphoma and other forms. Those lucky enough to have a Corgi. Those just SO abysmally bored they have no better way to waste their time.

So we'll see how this works. Be well - The Barney Dog

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Leave it to the British to confuse people for no reason. Normally, a “diamond jubilee” is a celebration to mark a 75th anniversary. Except for monarchs, then a “diamond jubilee” is only the 60th anniversary. Why? Because they’re the British and they CAN do it. It would be as if Americans decided football is actually a sport played with helmets and all sorts of unnecessary padding. Ok. Bad analogy. As a Welshman, I often find these Brit idiosyncrasies maddening and even if her royal highness loves Welsh Corgis, I cannot in all honesty understand such confusing contradictions. That said, celebrations were held all over England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland earlier this month. 
Dorgis I say! WHY?
 One disturbing thing I learned about the queen – she had her Corgis bred with dachsunds and called the little mutants “Dorgis.” Why would one intentionally do this? It most certainly would alter our sleek, regal lines and diminish our mental capacity along with potentially impairing our superior herding skills. One needs but to look at Yuki and wonder where the Corgi went, with her square, block head and those ears that don’t know how to stand. How on earth could this be a good idea? Disturbing is all I have to say. 

 So if you must know, I am doing fine. I was limping a bit so my Mom IMMEDIATELY made an appointment with Dr. Freeman at the Cancer Referral Center. I suppose she was worried. After all, two of her friends bid farewell to their furried friends thanks to K9 cancers. Doodlebug Duds’ model/muse extraordinaire, Lukas, is no longer in pain.  
Bailey - we'll miss you.
 And my Mom’s high school friend “lost” his beloved friend, Bailey. (“Lost” is just such a silly description more apt to be used when referencing a sock, keys for the flat or cheater glasses. Certainly NOT one of us.)  Matt very poignantly wrote: “I remember how you fought long and hard through bitter winter, I am sad that you were old and sick. Just a common dog some would say, but I know only how fine and loyal you have been. Just an animal maybe, but to me a noble spirit worthy of this song of grief I now sing. You go on to greener pastures... we all die too soon.” While Bailey and I never had the pleasure of meeting, he seemed a loyal friend and a good companion. A rather natty chap, quite handsome in a chapeau and scarf. 
 But I digress. Back to my limp. I have come to discover that playing with the youngster can have its drawbacks. After all, I celebrated my 11th birthday last month. We have developed a new romp-around-the-paddock protocol, one that forces Yuki to run AWAY from us older folk, instead of chasing us but it DOES have its drawbacks. I am trying to teach this young pup to heel but the concept hasn’t quite sunk in. A pulled muscle here. A bit of heavy breathing there. Don’t be critical! What do you suspect you could do at the age of 77? A marathon? Do an Ironman?
  I have also been trying my paw at pilates. Unfortunately, they don’t make reformers in Corgi size and this one is just TOO long to do me any good. The sled is nicely padded, however, and I’ll figure out what limited exercises I can do any day now.  
  And Yuki! What we do without a monthly visit to Dove Lewis? This time (again) it was Yuki. She managed to chew apart and ingest a piece of a rubber toy that was just the perfect size and shape to get stuck in her small intestine. Very cork-like in dimensions, substance and purpose. I suppose I should hold my tongue. My Mom just reminded me that I actually managed to eat a piece of wire that went through my stomach wall and irritated my spleen. Eating wire seemed like a good idea at the time. But, when faced with another rather stunning veterinary emergency bill, my parents seemed assuaged by the fact that these unfortunate incidents could be compared to paying for college educations and since they had no two-legged children, they could expend their limited funds on our medical maladies; not ivy league educations after their wayward offspring graduate and decide they need to “find themselves” and wander off to live in a ashram in Kansas City. It’s a somewhat convoluted rationale but it works swimmingly for us. Yuki didn’t really need the cone of shame but I couldn’t help but notice how much Yuki resembled a petunia while wearing one and wanted to share.
 So enjoy the start of your summer vacations. June 20th is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s also the longest day of the year. I’m hoping some semblance of summer will arrive and stick around in Oregon soon. It rained yet again today. The herb garden is getting there. The irises, peonies and tulips were stunning but are now brown, mere wilted memories of the beauty they once held. Oh, I’m waxing all T.S. Eliot now so off I must go to watch the telly. I don’t think Dogs In The City is on this evening but it is fast becoming my favorite after Hell’s Kitchen. We look like ANGELS compared to those recalcitrant, spoiled mutts! 
 It has come to my attention that these two BRILLIANT videos are not able to be viewed on some "smart" phones and iPads. I sincerely apologize. If any of my faithful followers know how to rectify this inexplicable injustice, kindly email me at thebarneydog@gmail.com.

For those who CAN view the video below - Sing us out, now! Come now! You can do it!